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Captains Chat - X

Updated: Jan 9

Welcome to my Tenth Captain's Chat of 2023. October has not been as hectic as September however it has had some great moments.


End of Summer Charity Day and Charity Update


Well done and many thanks to everyone who has been so generous, we have now have circa €8250.00. As you know our two Charities are Madrugada and NECI and we would like to distribute some of the cash in the near future.


Newsham Trophy


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend but I've heard on the grapevine it was a very enjoyable day followed by a dinner and dance. Many thanks to Brian, Brigitte and Janice for putting it all together.


Interleague 2023

In my last Chat I was feeling somewhat worried with three games to go. Our match against Tavira was lost 3.5 to 1.5 but all 5 games went to 18th hole, a real battle. Coming into our last two games against Palmeras and Silves we knew we had to dig deep, and your team did just that beating Palmeras 4 to 1. However, we were by no way secure and still in the bottom 2, the regulation zone. We knew we had to get a minimum of 4 points but to be sure 5. The Guys and Girls excelled themselves winning all 5 games against Silves, 10 points and catapulting us into 3rd place, a fantastic performance. It just shows you how close the margins are. Well done team.

Single and Pairs Knock out competitions:


Many thanks to everyone for getting their matches either played or in their diary to be completed. All the finals need to be completed before 10th January so that we have winners and can announce them at the changeover. The matches should not go into next Captains year. 




The regular Ladies outings organised by Rebecca and Janice have become very popular bringing together players from PDF, Burgau Sports Club and other local clubs. The WhatsApp group has grown to 50 and a Christmas Golf Day followed by dinner is being planned for the 1st December. 


Race to Budens 


 There is no change with Janice in the lead but Gary Dowie is making a late charge, watch this space.




Can I please remind everyone that when we are requested to keep to the buggy paths that we do that. It is for your safety, the course has had a lot of rain and the fairways are water logged in places and buggies will only damage them.


Monthly Competitions:


This link to the monthly competitions schedule lets you know what’s coming up.





Card Markers


 Thanks again to our Card markers who as always do great work. Much appreciated. 




Sadly as you may know Paul Brunner a loved and respected member of the Club passed away. Our thoughts and prayers to Chris and her family.


Kind regards,


Duncan Leopold

Captain FPGC

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